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Apple iAd Update Will Reportedly Let Publishers Sell Directly To Advertisers

January 14, 2016 - advertising, Analytics, apple, Consumer, Sales

Apple will get out of the direct ad sales business, and the iAd sales team will disband. Apple’s attempt to improve the mobile in-app ad experience with the launch of iAd never made the splash the company had anticipated. Advertisers balked at sky-high rates, executing ads was…

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Black Friday Weekend: E-Commerce Thinned Crowds, Mobile Devices Drove Traffic

November 30, 2015 - Analytics, apple, Consumer, e-commerce, Inbound Marketing, Industry, Marketing, Mobile News, Retail

More complex, omnichannel shopping behavior in evidence over the weekend. Black Friday ain’t what it used to be. The cultural ritual (if I can call it that) appears to have lost some of its mojo, as many retailers, seeking attention and competitive advantage, make Black…

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iOS Ad Blockers Begin Dropping In Popularity

September 29, 2015 - advertising, Analytics, apple, Display, Industry, Marketing, Mobile, Mobile News, Native Apps, Viewability

For the first time since iOS 9 launched, no ad blocker is number one on the paid apps chart for iPhone. Just short of two weeks since ad blockers skyrocketed to the top of the iPhone paid app chart, only one remains in the top…

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Not Just Ads, iOS 9 Content Blockers Can Also Block Analytics

September 18, 2015 - advertising, Analytics, apple, Google, Mobile, Viewability

A look at the broader implications for marketing data if content blockers are widely adopted in iOS 9. Though they’ve been dubbed “ad blockers,” it’s not just ads that marketers and publishers have to worry about with iOS 9’s new content blockers; many of these…

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Standing On Shoulders Of Apple Pay, Google’s Android Pay Officially Launches

September 11, 2015 - apple, Consumer, Google, Industry, Marketing

Aided by Apple, Google’s new Android Pay platform likely to catch on. Google was first with Wallet. But it was blocked by frightened mobile carriers, and beyond that, it failed to capture the imagination of users. Apple’s later-arriving Apple Pay got the user experience right…

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